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Our High Standards

When you build a Six Million Dollar bowling center, you have to count on the fact that you will have enough customers who are willing to pay more than they would at the "average" bowling center.

If we merely built an outstanding facility and did not keep it clean and in good repair, and if we did not deliver superior customer service, we would be history. Understanding this from the very beginning, we established high standards and developed a series of checks and balances to make sure these standards are maintained.

After an exhaustive search, we were unable to secure a pre-packaged training program for our employees, so we developed our own training manual. Every employee is required to read it.

The secret to our success can be summed up in three words: PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. We recruit the best talent we can find, train them, motivate them, and reward them. We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the business.

Our people know that ultimately it is our customers that make their paychecks possible.

They understand that even though we serve over 7,000 customers a week, each and every customer is important.

We believe in the golden rule and practice it. We know the importance of team work and not only encourage communication, but actually require it.

We insist on cleanliness. We believe in preventative maintenance. When things break we fix them. We try to anticipate problems before they occur. We take customers feedback seriously.

We go to great lengths to achieve our goal of "being the best in the business," and will never be satisfied with anything less.

No matter how good we may be, we know we can always be better, and always try to attain that.

We know that the needs of tournament bowlers are demanding, and if the bowlers are not happy the organizers take the heat.

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