columbus max bowling

Tournament Hosting:

Host of six nationally televised PBA tournaments (NBC and ABC Sports) and numerous national, state, and local tournaments.

Here are 10 reasons why we call ourselves "America's #1 tournament bowling center".

1. Our Superior Multi-Million Dollar Facility
2. Our Unique Business Philosophy
3. Our Diversified Management Team
4. Our High Standards
5. Our Lanes and Equipment
6. Our Computer Generated Tournament Record Service
7. Our Reputation
8. Our Convenience to Accommodations
9. Our References
10. Our Town, Columbus, Ohio

If you would like a printed copy of our TOURNAMENT SALES AND PROMOTIONS package, please call John Carlson or Julie Wells at 614-895-1122.

To reserve dates for your upcoming tournament call John Carlson, General Manager at 614-895-1122. For a list of upcoming tournaments click here.

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